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Parking Lot Lighting Service

Rancho Electrical and Lighting Night Inspection Service

Our bucket truck reduces your exterior lighting maintenance costs.

If your business has parking lot lighting or other outside lighting, you may not be sure if all your lights are on every night. Burned out lights can be a safety issue as well as hurt your company’s image. Our “Night Owl” lighting surveillance is provided at NO CHARGE to:

Property Managers • Car Dealerships • Office Buildings •
Retail & Restaurants • Industrial Complexes •
Home Owners Associations • Facilities Managers

While you’re sleeping, our Night Owl team will periodically check your parking lot and other exterior lighting to make sure that all your lights are coming on as intended and working properly.
We save you money by charging fixed prices for lamp and ballast replacements. For other lighting issues, we are able to offer you extremely competitive pricing because we own our bucket truck (for reaching the tops of light poles) and do this type of work in high volume.
Our electricians specialize in parking lot and exterior lighting maintenance work such as:
  • Light pole repair (up to 40′ heights)
  • Inspection & replacement of lamps
  • Ballast replacement & repair
  • Time Clock adjustments, programming & repair
  • Fixture/Lens replacement & repair
  • 24/7 Emergency electrical service

Commercial Lighting Maintenance

There is no better way to enhance and provide safety for your business then with a proper lighting setup! Rancho Electrical has been helping many commercial accounts with their lighting needs for many years!

At Rancho Electrical, we help commercial businesses keep their lights in proper working order. We can set up a maintenance program designed to keep all lights illuminated properly. Our highly qualified electricians will discuss with you how you can setup up your businesses lights to be their most effective and save money in the process! We will work with you on both your interior and exterior lights using timers and motion detectors to provide the necessary lighting during the day and excellent security at night.

If your business is looking to renovate your current lighting, Rancho Electrical can help! We have been specializing in lighting design for many years and have the product and installation knowledge to create a lighting scenario that will make your business look impressive!

We are here to help - Rancho Electrical and Lighting (909)944-7248

Summer is coming. Make your home and electrical system safe!

Summertime increases the demand for electricity and raises the risk of fire in homes with older or damaged wiring systems. Air conditioning equipment, electric grills, and attic fans are some
of the seasonal appliances that can place added stress and strain on a home’s
electrical wiring and cause a potentially tragic fire.
Since electricity is uniquely unforgiving and can cause serious injuries or
death, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Electrical Safety
Foundation International are joining together to encourage consumers to protect
their homes from electrical problems.Between 1994 and 1998, the CPSC estimates that there were over 360,000 residential fires each year, of which over 123,000 were related to electrical
distribution or appliances and equipment, and another 15,000 were related to
heating and air conditioning systems. These electrical fires caused an
estimated average of 910 deaths, nearly 7,000 injuries and nearly $1.7 billion
in property damage each year. Many of these incidents could have been prevented
by having an electrical inspection of the house to find hidden hazards.
This summer, CPSC and ESFI are encouraging homeowners to: 1) have an electrical
inspection conducted for homes 40 years and older, for homes 10 years and older
with major renovations or new appliances added, or that have been resold; 2)
learn the potential hazards posed by aluminum wiring systems and contact CPSC
if your home is among the two million built with aluminum wiring between the late
1960s and early 1970s; and 3) consider installing arc fault circuit
interrupters in place of ordinary circuit breakers, especially if your home is
over 40 years old. AFCIs are new technology designed to prevent electrical
fires by sensing unseen electrical arcing. AFCIs are particularly important
where wiring may have degraded with age.

To learn more call one of our knowledgeable consultants (909)944-7248

We are here to help - Rancho Electrical and Lighting

Rancho Electrical and Lighting - Areas Serviced

- Rancho Electrical and Lighting services all of Southern California. (909)944-7248
- Below is a list of areas:

San Gabriel Valley Electrician | San Gabriel Valley Electrical Contractor Claremont Electrical Contractor | Electrician Claremont, CA Rosemead Electrical Contractor | Electrician Rosemead, CA Covina Electrical Contractor | Electrician Covina, CA Arcadia Electrical Contractor | Electrician Arcadia, CA Duarte Electrical Contractor | Electrician Duarte, CA Rowland Heights Electrical Contractor | Electrician Rowland Heights, CA Alhambra Electrician | Electrical Repairs Alhambra, CA Diamond Bar Electrical Contractor | Electrician Diamond Bar, CA San Dimas Electrical Contractor | Electrician San Dimas, CA San Gabriel Electrical Contractor | Electrician San Gabriel, CA San Marino Electricians | Electrical Repairs San Marino, CA El Monte Electrical Contractor | Electrician El Monte, CA Monrovia Electrical Contractor | Electrician Monrovia, CA Bradbury Electricians | Electrical Repairs Bradbury, CA Sierra Madre Electrician | Electrical Repairs Sierra Madre, CA Montebello Electricians | Electrical Repairs Montebello, CA Azusa Electricians | Electrical Repairs Azusa, CA Glendale Electrical Contractor | Electrician Glendale, CA Monterey Park Electricians | Electrical Repairs Monterey Park, CA Baldwin Park Electrical Contractor | Electrician Baldwin Park, CA Glendora Electrical Contractor | Electrician Glendora, CA Montrose Electrician | Electrical Repairs Montrose, CA South Pasadena Electrician | Electrical Repairs South Pasadena, CA La Canada Electrical Contractor | Electrician La Canada, CA Temple City Electrical Contractor | Electrician Temple City, CA La Crescenta Electrician | Electrical Repairs La Crescenta, CA La Puente Electrical Contractor | Electrician La Puente, CA La Verne Electrical Contractor | Electrician La Verne, CA Pasadena Electrical Contractor | Electrician Pasadena, CA Walnut Electricians | Electrical Repairs Walnut, CA West Covina Electrician | Electrical Repairs West Covina, CA Pico Rivera Electrical Contractor | Electrician Pico Rivera, CA Chino Hills Electrician | Electrical Repairs Chino Hills, CA Pomona Electrical Contractor | Electrician Pomona, CA Whittier Electricians | Electrical Repairs Whittier, CA City Of Industry Electrical Contractor | Electrician City Of Industry, CA Costa Mesa Electrical Contractor | Electrician Costa Mesa, CA Fullerton Electrician | Electrical Repairs Fullerton, CA Garden Grove Electrical Contractor | Electrician Garden Grove, CA Huntington Beach Electricians | Electrical Repairs Huntington Beach, CA Orange Electricians | Electrical Repairs Orange, CA Santa Ana Electrical Contractor | Electrician Santa Ana, CA Anaheim Electrical Contractor | Electrician Anaheim, CA Brea Electrical Contractor | Electrician Brea, CA Buena Park Electricians | Electrical Repairs Buena Park, CA Cypress Electricians | Electrical Repairs Cypress, CA Dana Point Electrical Contractor | Electrician Dana Point, CA Fountain Valley Electricians | Electrical Repairs Fountain Valley, CA Irvine Electricians | Electrical Repairs Irvine, CA La Habra Electricians | Electrical Repairs La Habra, CA La Palma Electricians | Electrical Repairs La Palma, CA Laguna Beach Electricians | Electrical Repairs Laguna Beach, CA Laguna Niguel Electrician | Electrical Repairs Laguna Niguel, CA Laguna Woods Electricians | Electrical Repairs Laguna Woods, CA Lake Forest Electricians | Electrical Repairs Lake Forest, CA Los Alamitos Electrician | Electrical Repairs Los Alamitos, CA Newport Beach Electrical Contractor | Electrician Newport Beach, CA Placentia Electrical Contractor | Electrician Placentia, CA San Clemente Electricians | Electrical Repairs San Clemente, CA Westminster Electrical Contractor | Electrician Westminster, CA Orange County Electrical Contractor | Electrician Orange County, CA Ventura County Electrical Contractor | Electrician Ventura County, CA Anaheim Electrical Contractor | Electrician Anaheim, CA Irvine Electrical Contractor | Electrician Irvine, CA Fillmore Electrical Contractor | Electrician Fillmore, CA Ventura Electrical Contractor | Electrician Ventura, C

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Residential Lighting Design

Residential Lighting Design

Rancho Electrical and Lighting invites you to make the best investment in your home with our professional lighting design. We are a professional lighting contractor/designer serving the Inland Empire and the surrounding area.
Support the function and beauty of your home with proper lighting. Maximize the efficiency of the lighting in your home by reducing your carbon footprint and energy consumption. Invest in lighting that enhances your experience while increasing the value of your house.

Rancho Electrical and Lighting specializes in unique, and custom designs that add efficiency and security to your home with visual appeal. We collaborate with the home owner, to provide beautiful and effective illumination. We create spaces with bright functionality or romantic ambience. Rancho Electrical and Lighting is versed in all the new LED and fluorescent technology to help you know facts from myths.

Rancho Electrical and Lighting

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How to upgrade to energy efficient lighting

Many businesses with commercial or industrial buildings are realizing the value of energy efficient upgrades and retrofits. Implementing these new lighting systems can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprints, make the building green, and even give the building a market edge in resale value. Most importantly, lighting upgrades and retrofits reduce energy costs.
Lighting Costs
Lighting can account for about 45% of your business’ energy bill alone. However, you can lower that energy bill and receive substantial incentives while you do so.
Get a Tax Break
There is not a one size fits all solution to every building and prices vary from case to case, most efficiency upgrades and retrofits will pay for themselves after a reasonable period of time. First, buildings with newly installed devices can receive tax deductions. These deductions can provide up to the entire cost of newly installed energy efficient lighting. The price will be deducted from the owner’s taxes for the year the lighting is installed (capped at $.60/sq.ft.) . All requirements that are listed in ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1-2001 must be met.
Rebates Galore
Existing buildings that go through expensive lighting energy efficient upgrades or retrofits may feel that the price is too steep. In order to offset costs many utility companies offer rebates for businesses that initiate energy conservation programs. Rebates are based upon predicted savings, and can be as high as 70% (depending on cost of the project).
Easy Loans
Finally, buildings that upgrade their lighting can receive special loans. Businesses can receive between $5,000 and $100,000 with loan periods up to 60 months. Government agencies may qualify for up to $250,000 in loans with 120 month loan period. To qualify for these financing plans the estimated savings must be sufficient to pay off the loan during the loaning period.

Call (909)231-1498 to learn more.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Best way to find a quality electrician

If you think that you can avail the names of the best electrical services through the internet then you are definitely right. There are many advantages of using the internet to find service providers like Rancho Electrical and Lighting but you should exercise a little discretion while choosing one such service provider, which you have learnt of through an online search. It is important to check out the websites of any service providers you see online. Like for instance, if you are looking for a commercial electrician in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. then you should visit the websites of all the names you see on the results page of the search engine you have used. You just cannot blindly choose an electrical service provider just going by the name of the service.
If you take the time to visit the website of the Rancho Electrical and Lighting then you can learn a lot more about our services. You can first check our areas of operation, our terms of service, and the warranty extended by us, details regarding our license or insurance. If you check the website then half your queries about the service will be answered. You can then send an email or fill in an online form and wait for the service provider to get back to you. You have to check the many customer testimonials found on the website or better still you should ask about the service in your local city online forum.

Rancho Electrical and Lighting

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