Thursday, November 11, 2010

LICENSED ELECTRICIAN: Electrical and Lighting Installations.

  I have been in the electrical and lighting trades now for over 20 years.  Now that I have started my own business, and getting very busy,  I am starting to notice what a lack of qualified electrical contractors we have.  I have gone into countless homes and commercial properties and seen work that is not safe and just plain unprofessional.  People need to know that if you are going to hire a electrician for commercial or residential, they need to be insured, licensed, and bonded.  Also take the time to do a little research on that company.  Now a days it seems like every contractor is out there to rip you off.  Times are hard but this is no reason to do poor workmanship and over charge a customer.  If you have had poor experiences with other electrical contractors, give us a call.  We stand by our work!  Rated "A" by the BBB.  Charge fair prices.  We are Licensed - Insured - Trusted - Referred.  We are the real deal. 
Customer satisfaction is our priority! 

Rancho Electrical and Lighting


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  2. Electrical work in home must be done by some professionals.Last year, I started constructing my own house and i hired a licensed electrician Wyoming.He came with full staff and did my work correctly done.I am satisfy with their work.